RPG headphones for coin/relic machines, etc. Standard issue Koss UR30 headphones suit most Minelabs. Quality GME single speaker with attachment clip. Quality GME dual speakers with attachment clips. Waterproof headphones for CTX3030 detector. NEW headphones to suit SDC2300 only. Waterproof headphones for the SDC2300. Adaptor lead to allow the use of many different headphones on the SDC2300. Replacement booster input cable with straight and 90 degree ends. Male/female extension cable. WM12 wireless module for the GPZ7000 detector.
Boosters, speakers, headphones
Store PRO-SONIC wireless kit for the SDC2300 and any detector with a 1/4" (6.25 mm) audio socket. Booty Booster kit with speaker options Mark 1 Booty Booster kit with speaker options Mark 2 Suit GOLD MONSTER and others with 3.5 mm jack
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Garrett Treasuresound headphones. 1/4"jack Garrett Clearsound headphones. 1/4"jack Garrett Z-link wireless detector audio kit. Transmitter, receiver and cables. WM10 wireless module for the CTX3030 detector. WM12/WM10 wireless module rear attachment clip.