Scoop - plastic beach sand. Scoop - plastic nugget. Scoop - metal beach sand. Scoop - stainless beach sand. Garrett's Edge Digger has a serrated blade 190 mm long and 50 mm wide to help cut into tough ground, or through roots etc. Garrett's Treasure Probe is for locating your target without damaging it. Garrett's Treasure Digger is a tough Polymer material with depth marks to gauge the depth of your target when retrieved. Garrett's Stainless steel Treasure Trowel is 10" long (250mm) with a non-slip handle, and marked on the inside in inches and centimeters. The Garrett Diggers pouch is camo coloured and of sturdy construction.
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Tyger Snake digging tool 400 mm long. Tyger Blade digging tool with sheath, 320 mm long. Tyger Digger digging tool 800 mm long for upright digging. Tyger Cub digging tool 290 mm long.
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Tyger Cub digger
Tyger Snake digger
Tyger Blade digger
Tyger Digger
TS scoop
Plastic sand scoop
Metal sand scoop
Stainless sand scoop
Garrett edge digger
Garrett treasure probe
Garrett treasure digger
Garrett stainless digger
Garrett camo pouch
Scoop - polycarbonate nugget.
SCP scoop